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Lorikeet Presents: An afternoon supporting Endometriosis Australia - 27th July

Proud to announce we made just above the $600 mark for Lorikeet Pres. An Afternoon Supporting Endometriosis Australia. Very pleased to raise this amount after only our second non for profit event, a big thanks to all who came down and supported the cause, and a big thank you to the DJ's who also supported. Also Ching-a-Lings for having us. :) Couldn't be done without any of you! Help us keep these going! See you next month <3
Endometriosis Australia is a nationally accredited charity that endeavours to increase recognition of endometriosis, provide endometriosis education programs, and provide funding for endometriosis research, as of yet there is no cure. For more information on Endometriosis Australia, visit our charity page.^^

Next month we will be supporting Sydney Homeless Connect
For details on our charity initiatives, visit our charity and initiatives page.
Cheers guys!



Lorikeet Pres. Melbournes much Loved Southsiders: Simon TK & Toni Yotzi

  • Toni Yotzi (Melbourne)

  • Simon TK (Melbourne) (Wax'o Paradiso) (Club d’erange and Skylab Radio)

    At the renowned Club 77. We hope you can join us on our musical journey!
    (Sponsored by Professional Picture Hanging - Melbourne)
    10% of profits go towards Sydney Homeless Connect!

12 July 2019 @ Club 77 - William Street, Kings Cross, Sydney.

77 final.jpg

Lorikeet Presents: An afternoon supporting mental health.

A massive thanks to everyone who came down the event yesterday afternoon/night to support our local artists and the Black Dog Institute.

We had over 100 guests pass through during the six hours of the event. For our first non for profit event, what a vibe. Your all awesome! We are finalising all profits, we will then post the donation receipt on the event page, Lorikeet page and here on the website.
A massive thanks to Bruno Kelson , Nikki Newbery , Tristan PhillipsRaphael Weir & Lloyd Conolly , the Nerve duo (Side C & Scholar), Ching-a-Lings for having us and Buzz Speaker Hire Sydney for their generous discount on the audio equipment.

Next month we will be supporting Endometriosis Australia 
For details on our charity initiatives, visit our website linked below.
Cheers guys!


Lorikeet Presents: Lex Deluxe - the first instalment.

Friday April 12 2019

Lex Deluxe - a true connoisseur of all things movement.
Drawing inspiration from artists far and wide, Lex has the ability to travel from genre to genre without breaking the groove. From Optimo to Todd Terje, Letta Mbulu to Peggy Gou, you’re transported from 1962 to 2043 before you know even what’s gone down. Lex has been seen making waves at Splendour, Falls, Beyond the Valley, Lost Paradise and she will also be making an appearance at the next Summer Dance.