ED ASHER - (Southwest London, UK)

We proudly welcome our first international artist - “Ed Asher” to our roster:

Ed Asher, hailing from Southwest London, a Hounslow based producer. A man with real talent. Ed is an established sculptor & curator of all things drum and bass. 

Capturing the London drum and bass style in its many many forms, Ed can gravitate between a multitude of UK sub-genres stemming from the London style of drum and bass; his productions focus on the intelligent, clean yet sophisticated forms of the London drum and bass style.

A number of his releases have flowed straight out of the drum and bass pipeline and have formed into a mixture of sweet, melodic styles, then transformed into a harder, thicker, jungle and tech-step London style.

From the ears of the team at Lorikeet, Ed's passion for production have produced nothing but outstanding, magnificent forms of art, Ed has been able to read between the line’s of the multiple sub-genres and distinctly pick out what drum and bass lovers want to hear. 

Some of his works also focus on simple, rhythmic, half-time drum patterns, who, Ed himself, can swiftly slide over to the neurofunk side of drum and bass, these tunes start with a concise melodic intro, which jumps straight into the fast-paced, energetic, crowd moving vibe, seamlessly creating unique energy in the room.


In his words, how did his interest in drum and bass start for Ed, why he continued, how has he shaped his production and what are his biggest influences?

My early teenage years influenced a lot of the music I make today. The circle of people around me all had the same ideas about making music, whether in a band or DJing. We all wanted to push the west London underground scene in any form it might take. 

When I played my first set to a crowd, I went back to back with a good friend of mine, at a forest party in Wilsden Junction, (London heads will know this classic dusty spot); this was way back, in 2012. I had a very different instrumental setup and a very different style of music from what I push today. 

Back then, we were spinning 130 - 140bpm prog and psychedelic trance. We were spinning beats weekend and week out, most of the time, we were playing for next to nothing, apart from wanting to make some noise, have a blast and get down to boogie. I transitioned to spinning drum and bass because I was craving something more from my sets. I loved the music I played but came to a personal realization that I wanted to switch up my style. 

I would attend loads of drum and bass raves, I would see how other drum and bass Dj’s at raves grabbed the attention of the crowd. The reactions and moods from the crowd the tracks would draw, were simply inexplainable. 

When I finished secondary school I decided to jump into a music production course of sorts, I was doing a BTEC in performing arts at West-Thames college in Isle-worth, i would look forward to the last lesson on a Friday, where we would be in the computer lab learning the ropes on garage band to learning logic 9. The basics at college opened up the world of production for me. I saw no limits and wanted to carry on learning the craft of electronic music production. 

So, fast forward a few years, and I’m still hooked on drum and bass.

In regards to my music production, it just keeps going; there are endless, shades and flavors. I have new material coming out every week, and i try my best to keep this consistency up. 

My main influences right now have to be, Alix Perez & his 1985 music, dispatch recordings & Sofa sound Bristol.

Ed Asher..

Written by Ed Asher: Saturday, March 30, 2019